September at Pathways to Play

The last week of August was bittersweet. We said goodbye to some of our most cherished families at PTP, as our big preschoolers will be making their way to kindergarten this week! While we will miss them terribly, we are so excited for the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for these kids – they are a special group!

The Tuesday after Labor Day always feels like a new beginning at PTP. Teachers and administrators are looking forward to beginning a new school year with the families at the center.  Many children are arriving at PTP for the first time on this day, and many more have “moved up” and are beginning their year in new classrooms with new teachers. The teachers have spent Labor Day weekend sprucing up their classrooms and preparing for the year ahead and are ready for the fresh start that September brings to all of us.

The local librarian, Ms. Amy, resumes her story hour visits to PTP this month – we miss her in the summertime, as she is very busy coordinating South St. Paul’s summer reading program, but always look forward to her fall return! Ms. Amy brings a fresh set of books from the library each time she visits, reading stories and singing songs that revolve around a monthly theme.  The children are always mesmerized by her beautiful singing voice!

We look forward to getting to know our new families this month, and deepening our relationship with the veteran PTP families we already know and love.  As always, please feel free to stop by the offices any time you have a question or concern.  Happy September!

~Liz Amirahmadi, PTP Owner and Director

— Liz